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Would you like to save up to 60% of your post-production time?

You don’t have to feel threatened by tight budgets, limited resources and looming deadlines. Producing factual and entertainment TV programmes doesn’t need to be a struggle.


Forscene introduces a flexible way of working that minimises production turnaround time, eases development and helps your budget stretch further.

As soon as rushes are uploaded to Forscene’s cloud-based platform, you can access, log and edit the media from any computer on a standard internet connection. This removes any dependency on specialised hardware – and saves you money. Forscene eliminates the need for high bandwidth or processing power by displaying all video content as a low-bandwidth proxy. All the editorial changes link back to original files in your existing media storage system to create professional, full-resolution sequences.

Any work created in Forscene’s editing platform can be exported in a choice of formats to other video editors such as Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere. This means that by using Forscene, you can independently create sync pulls which can be passed to the Editor for finishing.


Break through the boundaries of hardware-based workflows by adding cloud capabilities to your workflow. With faster productivity and technical flexibility, cloud-based processes can save up to 60% of your post-production time.

  1. An end-to-end proxy-based workflow
  2. Faster transition between shoot and edit
  3. Remote access from any location
  4. Shared access across multiple devices
  5. Live collaboration
  6. Cost-effective licensing

Case Studies

Some of the leading production companies including Studio Lambert, ITV, KEO Films, Princess Productions and RDF use Forscene to help produce programmes such as Come Dine With Me, Gogglebox, Geordie Shore and other popular shows.

Princess Productions - The Island
RDF - Long-term project

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