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Have you considered using the cloud to enhance your workflow?

Traditional workflows can tie you down – especially when producing television programmes. High-volume footage is heavy to ingest, store and move and the hefty price tag can put this service out of your clients’ reach.


Moving to the cloud is easier than you think. Forscene enhances your existing infrastructure, streamlining your workflow with powerful cloud capabilities.

Forscene eliminates the need for high bandwidth or processing power, granting you freedom and maximum efficiency. With remote access at any level, your clients can have complete control over their media. Working in the cloud offers benefits across storage, logging, rough-cutting, editing and review. You can discover new solutions including remote access to rushes fresh from location, logging of multicam footage and creating sync pulls on the go.


Break through the boundaries of hardware-based workflows by offering post-production in the cloud. With faster productivity and technical flexibility, cloud-based processes add value to your service and maximise your clientele.

  1. Faster transition from shoot to edit
  2. Remote access from any location
  3. Live collaboration
  4. Cost-effective licensing

Case Studies

Some of the leading post houses including Envy Post, The Farm Group and Evolutions use Forscene to help produce programmes such as Gold Rush, The Voice, Gogglebox, Come Dine With Me, Spa Wars and other popular shows.

ENVY - Gold Rush
ENVY - The Voice

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