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Being the first to deliver digital news is now more crucial than ever. With high consumption and tough competition across social media, a few seconds too late and your story is old news. However, there is a way to eliminate the obstacles and break news first – every time. The right workflow will ensure the consistency, speed and outreach that you need, making you the first port of call for the hottest news.


No matter where in the world you’re reporting from, you can publish professional video content seconds after capture. Forscene gives you a complete production workflow in the cloud without the need to invest in additional hardware.

Forscene speeds up the process of video production. It transcodes your video content into low-bandwidth proxies, making it light on processing. You can use a video encoder or mobile device to ingest your media to Forscene, using as little as a 3G connection.

Send live streams directly to Forscene to edit 15 seconds behind live. Forscene makes your media immediately available in the cloud from the start of ingest. With remote access to Forscene, you can work and collaborate on video content from multiple devices anywhere. Supporting SDI feeds and added metadata, Forscene fluidly unites closed captioning alongside your media while you work.

Forscene’s feature-rich editor provides frame accurate editing from simple clipping to full programme production. Your work can also be exported to other editing systems for conform and finishing. Publish your finished packages in full resolution to multiple destinations with a simple drag-and-drop.


Break news first from any location with Forscene’s cloud proxy workflow. With remote access and faster production turnaround, you can save valuable time and get closer to the action.

  1. The fastest workflow from shoot to screen
  2. Improve productivity
  3. Produce professional content on the move
  4. Save money on infrastructure

Case Studies

Forscene is used by media technology company Field59 to integrate into its cloud-based solutions for video journalism.

Field59 - Integration
Field59 & ABC

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