What if your video archive could boost your revenue?

Video is the primary fuel for your eSports events – but with high-volume footage generated during every game, it’s easy to lose track of valuable content. With a workflow designed to use your content to its full potential, you can increase digital engagement and revenue.


Forscene is the fastest way to deliver top quality highlights and captivate audiences across multiple platforms. Bringing your video to life, Forscene provides solutions for logging, live clipping, editing and publishing – all with the speed and flexibility of the cloud.

Forscene enhances your workflow without any change to your infrastructure. By scanning media from your storage system, Forscene enables you to remotely access your content from multiple devices anywhere in the world. There’s also no stress on your device or internet connection as Forscene displays your video content as low-bandwidth proxies while you work.

With multiple ingest options, support for 60fps video content and high-speed publishing, Forscene is the ideal video platform for producing eSports content.


Reach out to wider audiences and gain more from your media. With the fastest highlights production and distribution, Forscene enables you to have effective real-time engagement at your fingertips.

  1. Control video content to your advantage
  2. Engage fans in the moment
  3. Create new revenue streams
  4. Grow the profile of your events

Case Studies

Forscene is used by leading eSports promoter Gfinity to streamline clip-editing of live streams and archiving video content for Twitch and social media.


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