Have you ever wondered how the cloud could revolutionise your media training?

Media production training shouldn’t limit or weigh down your facilities. Whether you’re sharing video resources, conducting production projects or tracking trainees’ progress, nothing should get in your way. However large your class may be, you can deliver competitive and up-to-date training with outstanding results.


Forscene is a leading cloud platform for post-production, widely used by professional post houses and production companies in the television industry. It provides video solutions for viewing, logging, editing, and publishing – with all the benefits of the cloud.

Forscene enhances your workflow without affecting your infrastructure. Being completely cloud-based, it enables you to access and work on your video content from any device. Working with Forscene is surprisingly light on your device and internet connection as it displays all video content as low-bandwith proxies.

Forscene boosts class productivity by speeding up the processes of sharing and working on video content. Lecturers and trainees can remotely collaborate on video content in real time. With secure user configuration, you have full control of project media from end to end. Our cost-effective licensing models also grant you the freedom to scale your workflow to your advantage.

Trainees benefit from working with Forscene as it enables them to actively practice their skills using a standard computer or mobile device. Having remote access to projects in the cloud provides flexibility to explore training outside the classroom. Transitioning to employment is made easier as trainees gain knowledgeable experience of advanced industry workflows.


Using Forscene creates an innovative learning experience and consequently provides long-term benefits for the broadcast industry.

  1. Enrich your course offering
  2. Improve trainee and lecturer relationships
  3. Attract more applicants
  4. Boost graduate employability
  5. Save money on infrastructure

Case Studies

Forscene is used by Ravensbourne, Mama Youth project and Royal Holloway to provide professional workflows for vocational training and academic media research.

Royal Holloway

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