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Would you like to deliver digital sports media to your audience at record speed?

The challenge to win fans on every screen shouldn’t leave you fighting with your video content. With Forscene’s workflow, you can access live content remotely, produce top quality highlights and engage fans in real-time.


Forscene is the fastest way to create and publish high-quality video from source to screen. Forscene provides solutions across professional media production including multicam viewing, logging, editing and distribution. The Forscene platform is designed to integrate easily into your workflow by working on top of your existing infrastructure.

Forscene transcodes media directly from storage in your local system, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, enabling you to immediately start working in the cloud. Remote access to Forscene gives you the freedom to work and collaborate on video content on multiple devices from anywhere in the world.

The Forscene platform increases the speed and efficiency of your workflow by displaying all video content as a low-bandwidth proxy. It’s perfect for live video workflows as you can start editing 15 seconds behind live and it also fluidly unites closed captioning alongside your media while you work.


Fly free with your workflow in the cloud. With remote capabilities and record-speed video production, you can deliver content faster than live.

  1. Control content ownership
  2. Increase revenue streams
  3. Improve sports business partnerships
  4. Raise client profile
  5. Make valuable cost-savings

Case Studies

Forscene is used by IMG and deltatre, trusted partners of European Tour, UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon, Rugby World Cup and other live sports events, sports tournaments, leagues and teams to produce and distribute digital media.

deltatre - integration
deltatre - European Tour

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