By introducing flexibility and efficiency, Forscene revolutionises the way that you create and distribute video. Forscene accommodates a range of different industries – saving you considerable time and money. Whatever your needs, Forscene has the best solution to suit you and your media. Have a look at some key examples here below.

Post houses

Post Houses

Enhance your post-production

Relying on traditional workflows can tie you down – especially when producing television programmes. High-volume footage is heavy to ingest, store and move between locations and the hefty price tag can put this service out of your clients’ reach.

Production Companies

Save up to 60% of your post-production time

You don’t have to feel threatened by tight budgets, limited resources and looming deadlines. Producing factual and entertainment TV programmes doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Production companies

digital rights holders

Digital Rights Holders

Make every second count

The challenge to win fans on every screen shouldn’t leave you fighting with your video content. With Forscene workflow, you can access live content remotely, produce top quality highlights and engage fans in real-time.


Boost your revenue

Video is the primary fuel for your eSports events – but with high-volume footage generated during every game, it’s easy to lose track of valuable content. With a workflow designed to use your content to its full potential, you can increase digital engagement and revenue.




Revolutionise your media training

Media production training shouldn’t limit or weigh down your facilities. Whether you’re sharing video resources, conducting production projects or tracking trainees’ progress, nothing should get in your way. However large your class may be, you can deliver competitive and up-to-date training with outstanding results.


Break news first

Being the first to deliver digital news is now more crucial than ever. With high consumption and tough competition across social media, a few seconds too late and your story is old news. However, there is a way to eliminate the obstacles and break news first – every time. The right workflow will ensure the consistency, speed and outreach that you need, leaving you to be the first port of call for the hottest news.


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