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Simplify Your Workflow

By using our SaaS solution, you keep your costs low and add to your income potential.

Our technology creates a frame-accurate lightweight proxy in the cloud, or your data centre, which integrates with your other workflow solutions. Forscene’s flexible licensing models give you the freedom to build your proxy infrastructure without an upfront financial commitment.

You don’t need to move or copy your high-resolution files. Forscene provides fast remote visibility of all your video assets, enabling you to easily create and publish additional digital content. These include viewing and approving, logging, clipping, editing, captioning, and mobile upload of user generated content.

Let Our Technology Improve Your Video Production

Today, we are improving post-production workflows by adding cloud capabilities. Don’t get left behind. Try Forscene and get the most out of your video production. Interested? Here’s what Forscene can do for you.

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From live to publish

Use of Forscene

Live production

For live productions, we provide the fastest way to produce professional quality clips and publish live content. Forscene has superior remote use capabilities compared to any other solution on the market.

Non-live production

For non-live, we add speed to your remote productions by providing rapid viewing of rushes, logging and shot selection from alternative locations.

The technology behind Forscene

Our powerful Forscene platform is designed to easily and quickly integrate with existing professional workflows and production systems.

The core capabilities are provided by our revolutionary Blackbird technology. It facilitates compression and decompression of video for storage, transmission, editing and viewing purposes. Designed to handle even faster delivery, the lightweight proxy supports both a JavaScript viewer with full navigation capabilities and a professional video editor on a browser at low bandwidths.

Why Forscene?

We pioneered the provision of cloud video capabilities and continue to lead the way. We are constantly pushing the boundaries in video innovation to help customers grasp new opportunities such as uploading and integrating mobile content, providing superior remote low-bandwidth performance and reducing the time from video capture to publishing.

Forscene stands proudly behind over 7 million hours of professional video production

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