Media Supply Chain (MSC)

Your Media Supply Chain is time-critical and in need of constant improvement. Adding cloud capabilities to an existing MSC can be an advantage, especially if you have a hybrid solution of on-premise and cloud elements.

Core requirement for media supply chain

Proxy video, audio and metadata is a key component to all media supply chains because of the requirement and challenge of time critical media visibility and manipulation. Forscene’s Blackbird codec (viewed as a proxy) is the perfect solution based on its brilliant performance with minimal bandwidth and high quality images. Blackbird is a core requirement of any new or enhanced media supply chain.

Proxy workflow within a media supply chain

Various levels of media visibility are required in all enterprise level media supply chains. Depending on your organization, these requirements can range from on-premise to international exposure. Forscene’s codec (Blackbird), which is viewed as a proxy of your high-resolution media, efficiently supports this visibility in your supply chain requirements.

Proxy viewing is a key requirement of all media supply chains. The number main challenge is that media supply chains live within a hybrid world of on premise and cloud solutions. The requirement to support legacy infrastructure as the new emerging cloud offerings with all the potential of AI services that can enhance it. Other challenges include:

  • Need to collect information about every asset
  • Immediate availability for up-to-the-minute arrivals
  • Provide the history and path of assets from creation.
  • Search across all asset information
  • Scheduling of assets and and metadata for compliant delivery to MAM
  • Feeder for playout or defined tools for whatever the next step is

All these challenges can be addressed with Blackbird

Enterprise integration

Media supply chains consist of many products and services ranging from those that are strictly on premise to those that are touted a pure cloud and data centre solutions. Often these enterprise level products and services work in a hybrid solution, on premise and cloud.

Forscene fits within a variety of enterprise solutions and offers technically efficient, cost effective solutions that exist within many parts of a MSC. These include integrations that are technically robust and add to existing infrastructures without disruption or risk to your existing workflow.

Fitting Blackbird into your Media Supply Chain

All Media Supply Chains are based on common processes. For example: content, capture, quality control, metadata entry, ingest and many other links in the chain. Blackbird and the services that surround it can sit remotely, virtualised and in a pre-MAM position. This creates a greater efficiency into the supply chain as the registration of sources and metadata are created by triggering the proxy creation early on in the media supply chain process.

Creating Blackbird is simply a matter of scanning mounted volumes in a variety of methods. Other than that, the creation process works independently, but integrates neatly into your workflow.

Where do we fit?

  • Ingest
  • Content
  • Quality Control
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Digital Service Provider
  • Capture
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Compression
  • Metadata Entry


Blackbird enables post-production processes to happen in the cloud, in real time, saving download and rendering time, combined with the quickest navigation through videos in a web browser.


With the help of our patented Video Waveform, you can find, access and edit content in your web browser faster than ever

Remote access

Since the solution is cloud-based, all you need is a browser and an internet connection to access it. Even low-bandwidth internet will do the trick.


Blackbird integrates easily into existing infrastructures without disruption or risk to your existing workflow, allowing more efficient use of time and workforce.