Mobile Upload

Every mobile phone has a camera, and sometimes, those videos carry breaking news and need to be uploaded, edited and published quickly. Has uploading your content to your editor been a daunting task? We found a way to make it easier.

Fast turnaround from capture to distribution

With Forscene’s Mobile Upload solution, you can easily upload multiple files from any mobile device and send it instantly into the Forscene editor from your smartphone or tablet. It has never been this easy to add mobile content directly to an editing system.

Here’s how it works

Almost every mobile device has camera technology and with modern sensors, the quality of the content shot with consumer smartphone cameras can surpass legacy broadcast image standards.

Forscene’s upload app gives you easy integration of mobile content directly into the editor from any smartphone or tablet. By simply using your device’s camera, you can shoot, review and select the shots you wish to incorporate into an edit. Media can be shot “on the go” or come from your existing gallery. All your high-quality media is uploaded immediately to the Forscene cloud for quick access from anywhere in the world.

Simple design

This uncomplicated, minimal app is designed to be easy for anybody to download and use. Mobile Upload enables instant syncing of new and existing video clips into Forscene.

Capture and upload

There’s no need to keep Mobile Upload open in order to get your content into the cloud. Keep recording new content or use other apps, and Mobile Upload will keep working in the background.

Content in hi-res

Videos that are sent via Mobile Upload and later distributed from Forscene are published in the same resolution they’re captured in. You don’t need to worry about the loss of quality in the cloud.

Why is the Forscene platform so great?

The Forscene platform embraces mobile content creation workflows which require fast turnaround from camera to distribution. Since there is no limitation to the number of users who can contribute to the pool of material, Forscene’s Mobile Upload app is perfect for fan engagement and live events.

All proxy media is date and time stamped which means searching your media is simple. With all original camera sources uploaded to the Forscene cloud, the conform process of the final sequence is quick and efficient.

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