Live Sports Highlights

In today’s digital video production world, the ability to deliver information with little delay is paramount, you need to able to edit and publish highlights from live events instantly. With Forscene, you can do that in your browser with “coffee shop” internet access.

Speed to market with Forscene’s highlights editing and distribution solution

The Forscene platform allows you to quickly edit and publish highlights from live events using a simple, browser based tool over low bandwidth internet connections. Your content can be published to a Content Delivery Network (CDN), server or directly to Social Media within seconds.

Here’s how it works

Our platform uses a lightweight proxy of your media which makes viewing and editing possible in a browser on a less than 2Mb/s connection (That’s 3G on your mobile).

Live Streams

Forscene can work with Live Streams which are available to the production team as growing files approximately 30 seconds behind live.


With our logging, storyboard and timeline tools you have frame accurate control over your edit. This includes multicam editing, multiple video layers and audio tracks, transitions, titles and closed captioning.


Content can be published directly to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or to a CDN or server.

Why Forscene?

Forscene is able to take feeds from Baseband SDI or from IP streams and can integrate with EVS or other systems on location. Live proxy streams are available to the production team anywhere with an internet connection. They can edit packages and clips to be published from the full resolution media or linked back to the EVS system.

This dramatically reduces the cost of having highlights editors on site and also increases the speed to market, allowing clips for social media to be published in under a minute. Websites using the Blackbird Video Player can play an edited sequence from Forscene instantly with no rendering or file transfer required.

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