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Capture, edit, distribute and relive the best bit of any live event instantly

Popular workflow used for live events

Live event production can often be delayed by slow processes in upload / download issues and review and approval. We remove these obstacles with a cloud-based platform where content can be produced during the event, on location or remotely.
“With Forscene we can ingest our live streams to the cloud over low bandwidth, start editing highlights and even add notes and closed captions during the event. Our editor can work on or off-site and the client can review the first cut within minutes of the event finishing. We’re blown away by how Forscene helps us meet the demands of producing fast turnaround highlights clips.”
Steve Jones
Founder of Corrivium

Live in the moment

Forscene’s solution for live events keeps fans engaged, streamlines your workflows and increases revenues. What are you waiting for?

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