Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning is a standard part of video production, not an option anymore. Our goal is to make the process of ingesting, creating, editing and publishing captions as simple as possible.

No other product makes closed captioning so seamless

Closed captions are not just important to the hearing impaired or people who are watching programming in another language. Due to the advent of digital broadcasting, closed captions have found a higher demand than ever.

Here’s how Forscene’s Closed Captioning can integrate and improve your NLE workflow

Adding closed captioning is often unnecessarily complicated and time consuming. In most cases, programming companies will send their rendered video to a specialist captioning department as a final stage before it is submitted for broadcast. This might be in the form of trained captioners working on premise or hired captioning services. This route can be expensive, especially for smaller companies on tighter budgets and organisations that have many departments and locations.

With an integrated track on the timeline for creating and editing closed captions, Forscene is the editor of choice for many productions requiring closed captioning.

Edit live ingest feeds

Forscene has the ability to ingest closed captions from live television feeds and streams. Video with closed captions attached can also be imported, which can then be edited directly on the timeline.

CC on the timeline

Forscene’s in-built Closed Captioning track means edits can be made or captions added and deleted just like a title. Cut, trim or re-write – whatever you need to do with CC, it can happen as part of the edit.

Distribute with CC

Videos that are sent via Mobile Upload and later distributed from Forscene are published in the same resolution they’re captured in. You don’t need to worry about the loss of quality in the cloud.

Would you like to find out more about closed captioning laws, growing workflow challenges and ways to add closed captions in the cloud?

Why Forscene for your closed captioning needs?

Forscene’s closed caption tool allows users to ingest, create, edit and publish captions just like a video or audio track on the timeline – making it easier for clients to ensure that their content complies to standards. We provide the ability to autosync multiple source materials in Forscene as well as satisfy closed caption regulations.

Forscene's editor with built-in Closed Captioning is a great solution for your captioning needs.