Broadcast post-production

Broadcast post production is often based on expensive hardware and costly high-speed internet connections. Yet, the process still remains slow. We’ve created a solution that removes these requirements.

Efficient and cost-effective logging & rough cut solution

Traditional Post Production workflows require the production team to be “on-premise”, connected to the post production systems via high speed data connections. It also requires high-powered computers with licensed software installed. It is also harder to accommodate changing numbers of users easily. This is expensive and unproductive.

Here’s how it works

Improved access

The Forscene platform uses a lightweight proxy of your media which makes viewing possible in a browser on a 1.5Mb/s internet connection. Users can login to a project from any computer with an internet connection and can view, log, transcribe, clip or edit content. Proxies can be generated from original media on location, allowing access to media within minutes of shooting, or they can be generated from the storage at a post production facility to allow synchronisation of media between Forscene and other post production systems.

Improved editing capabilities

Forscene’s editing model uses a familiar approach for anyone who has worked with video applications. We offer an easy-clip mode for those who are new to video editing. With sophisticated logging, storyboard and timeline tools, Forscene gives you complete frame accurate control over your edit. This includes multicam editing, multiple video layers and audio tracks, transitions, titles and even closed captioning. The Forscene editor is available on all computers including OSX and Windows, iOS (iPads) and Android devices.

Improved distributing options

Content can be published directly from Forscene using pre-defined outputs that link back to the original media, or you can export a decision list to other post production systems where it can be linked to the original media for final finishing. Forscene can also work from Live Streams which are available to the production team as growing files approximately 30 seconds behind live. Forscene allows publishing direct to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Forscene frees your production team to be able to carry out all the initial stages of post production using simple browser based tools on low bandwidth internet connections from any connected device, reducing the workload on the editing team. In a live environment, the ability to work from near live feeds reduces time to market, allowing publishing of highlights to social media in under a minute. It is also highly scaleable so it is easy to add more users to a project as required.