Used on over seven million hours of professionally shot content, for thousands of TV programmes and hundreds of live sporting events, Forscene’s platform is a solution for many industry challenges.

Forscene adds cloud capabilities to your existing workflows. Here’s how.

The first part of the process is the scanning and recognition of the source. At this moment the format and any associated metadata is registered as an asset that will arrive in the cloud. At no point does Forscene’s Edge Server modify your original source

Storing Proxy Media in the Cloud

The cloud stores the proxy media. What you see and hear is stored and played back from the data centre. Your media is instantly available at any location with internet access. Media is not stored in a single location, it’s stored in multiple data centres for efficiency and security. The cloud allows true collaboration. There is no limitation to the number of users accessing the media at any time, anywhere.

Easier managing

The Forscene login, editing interface and control centre are also hosted in the cloud. The tools you log and edit with are served up from the data centre. There is no restriction on the number of computers that can run Forscene. Additionally, you can run multiple instances of different Forscene accounts on the same computer for productivity. This is especially useful in sport highlights workflows where a single editor is working on multiple events.

Improved accessibility

Forscene’s solutions release the constraints of cloud video by applying a proxy workflow to every service we offer. This allows all of our solutions to work with minimal network bandwidth on any computer or tablet, anytime, anywhere. From responsive reviews and logging to sophisticated editing, Forscene provides the advanced features to carefully craft your story combined with speed for up to the minute news and sports highlights.

Blending Forscene into your existing workflows

Media In

Media arriving in your Forscene account can happen anywhere from remote regions around the world with low network bandwidth to stadiums presenting live high profile events. Forscene uses the Blackbird codec to create the proxy which immediately becomes available for use in all our solutions.

Media Out

Delivery requirements are different to every media outlet. Forscene’s publish and sharing engine supports an enormous selection of formats,streams, metadata and distribution methods. We observe the strictest standards and are compatible with enterprise level systems that are part of your media supply chain.


Forscene Solutions

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Forscene’s platform can improve your media supply chain and broadcast post-production. Live highlights editing, mobile upload and captioning are only a few ways to improve your output.