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Forscene is software of choice for many in the broadcast, sports and news industries. Editors, production managers and facilities houses rely on it to produce creative content in an increasingly efficient way.

We service three different types of resellers

Forscene is more than just a logging and editing tool. It could just as easily be that your clients are in need of that degree of functionality, which is why it pays to become an accredited Forscene reseller.

Solution providers

Forscene is used as an editing tool for sub-clipping and highlights packages across news and sports sectors. Solution providers use the cloud-based editor to service their clients and long running productions, integrating Forscene as part of the solution they sell.

Post houses

There is a lot of demand from production companies to use Forscene on their shows, so we facilitate post houses to directly sell licenses and train companies on using the professional video editing software.

Traditional resellers

Traditional resellers are located all over the world, helping Forscene to overcome language barriers in non-English speaking countries. In-house technical support is often limited with these resellers, as they represent multiple products, so Forscene has a direct relationship with these reseller’s clients.

Accredited Forscene resellers

Solution Providers


Post Houses

The Farm Group
Evolutions TV
Cleear Cut

Traditional Resellers

Bridge Digital
F2 Technologies
dve X