Instant access to Forscene with Quick Launch

This desktop app gives you instant access to Forscene Editor and enables you to upload media without having to go through a browser
Mac OS Download
“Quick Launch was simple to install and even easier to use!”
Mac OS Download

One time install

Simply download and install this MacOS application once to have access to Forscene Editor and other apps from the menu bar at any time. With Quick Launch, there’s no need to go through a browser to get all the benefits of the Forscene platform.

Instant access and upload

Having Quick Launch saved in your Mac’s menu bar gives you instant access to the Forscene platform and other apps. It also means you can just drag and drop content to upload to the video editing software, knowing it will arrive in your account.

Install other apps

From this Quick Launch application you get the benefit of multiple apps, from Forscene Editor to Review & Approve. Instantly install and launch all your favourite Forscene products from our beautifully designed mini interface.

Introducing Quick Launch

Access Forscene with a single click

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Available for mac OS

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