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Cut & Share is built on the world's fastest frame accurate editor, Forscene. Whether you’re a novice or professional, this online video editor’s intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to edit video.
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“Cut your footage and share with this easy to use online video editor!”
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Fast and frame accurate

This lightweight online video editor has simple to understand functionality that enables you to get video content out to the world quickly. Cut & Share is also frame accurate, so you never miss a shot and can focus on making your videos creatively beautiful.

It only takes a minute

Getting to grips with Cut & Share is so simple even a grandma can use it! So it doesn’t matter if your team aren’t video editors, as anyone can grasp how to use Cut & Share’s simple online video editor in a matter of minutes.

Runs on any web browser

Cut & Share is built with Javascript and runs on any web browser or device without configuration. This gives you more time to edit video content without the hassle of installing software – just click and load, Cut & Share.

Easy to use online video editor

Simply cut content together and share to your favourite social media platform

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