On location ingest

Forscene’s on location ingest enables media upload from anywhere. Editors can start working simultaneously to the shoot taking place, halving post-production costs. This software-only application simply requires a laptop.
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"Uploading on location brings the editors into the production loop."
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Increase productivity

On location ingest means post-production can happen whilst the shoot is taking place. Forscene’s unique Portable Ingest saves time and money on re-shooting clips as the editor can be cutting storylines and scenes together during production.

Simplify post-production

Portable Ingest enables senior production staff to easily shuttle through content in the Forscene editor whilst still on location. They can pick the best bits to use ahead of the full edit, saving on time and money in expensive suites.

Take full control

Using Portable Ingest, the production team can use the power of Forscene to review and organise shots in the editor. Take full control during post-production, with complete access to content and real-time chat engagement from crew members.

Introducing on location ingest

Use portable ingest to add content to a Forscene account remotely

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