Multicam editing for up to 18 cameras

Forscene’s Multicam Editor gives you full visual control of all your shots. It supports up to 18 camera angles and enables live multicam editing and logging.
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“Multicam editing is essential for many of today’s live entertainment shows.”
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Live multicam editing

In this day and age, speed can determine the outcome of your content. With Forscenes ability of live multicam editing, you can enjoy smooth editing which you can be certain will be complete in time for your deadline.

Supports up to 18 cameras 

Regardless of what project you’re working on, every shot matters. Forscene supports up to 18 shots for multicam and smoothly integrates with Avid, so you’ll never miss a thing.

Automatically sync cameras

Using the timecode of the clips, Forscene automatically sync’s them together. So you can start multicam editing straight away without any stress or hassle.

Experience multicam editing

Capture every angle and edit seamlessly together

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