Instant Mobile Upload

Forscene’s Mobile Upload is a simple app which uses your smartphone or tablet’s camera to instantly send content straight into the Forscene editor.
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“Never before has it been this easy to add content directly to an NLE with Mobile Upload”
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A simple design

This simple, minimal app is designed to be easy for anybody to download and use. Mobile Upload runs on any Android or iOS device and enables instant syncing of new and existing video clips into Forscene.

Upload in the background

There’s no need to keep Mobile Upload open in order to get your content into the cloud. Keep recording new content or use other apps, and Mobile Upload will keep working in the background simultaneously.

Distribute hi-res content

Videos that are sent via Mobile Upload and later distributed from Forscene are published in the same resolution they’re captured in – including HD and 4K. So no need to worry about loss of quality in the cloud.

Easily upload media from any mobile device

Add multiple files from your device’s camera straight to a Forscene account

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