Logging media in Forscene

From live logging of multicam clips, to using logs for an assembly edit, Forscene is the only platform you’ll ever need to organise your media.
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“Forscene makes logging quick, efficient and easy in the cloud.”
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Log without learning

There’s no learning curve to overcome when logging media in Forscene. The simple interface and user-friendly functions make it easy for anyone to get started with logging in the cloud.

Log live footage

Single or multicam live video feeds can be logged in Forscene as they’re still ingesting. This means that stories can be compiled while the cameras are still rolling, as logging, search and editing can start immediately.

Assembly editing in the cloud

Logging media makes it easy for editors to piece a story together, as they can search for specific clips and scenes. By doing this in the Forscene cloud, edit directors and series producers can also create assembly edits, while production is still happening.

Logging made easy with Forscene

Organise your media from any location on any device

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