Live stream to Forscene in HD

HD Live is a transformative app to live stream content into your Forscene account using one or multiple smart devices. Point, shoot and watch video upload in real-time.
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“An amazing innovation. The possibilities of HD Live are endless.”
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Capture HD video

The days of messing around with expensive hardware to capture live footage are over. HD Live takes content straight from a smart device and sends it into Forscene Editor where it can be edited live.

Multiple live streams

HD Live gives you the ability to receive multiple simultaneous feeds directly into an editor. Have thousands of fans stream content into one account where you can select the best bits to package together and distribute to other platforms.

Take control of content

It’s your content, why shouldn’t you control it? With HD Live, your live streams feed straight into your private Forscene account, which can only be viewed by you and your team. Take advantage of this to manage what gets distributed.

Do you need to edit live streams?

You should learn about the benefits of full HD streaming with zero dropped frames.

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