Real-time high volume ingest

Forscene’s powerful Enterprise Ingest enables real-time consumption of media. It is ideal for high volume ingest, supporting multiple concurrent files and live streams and can distribute HD and 4K resolution videos.
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"Forscene’s powerful Enterprise Ingest handles high volume ingest of media with ease."
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Real-time media consumption

Forscene’s Enterprise Ingest runs around the clock. Battle hardened over thousands of productions, the on-site edge server gives real-time feedback on ingest progress. Editors can access material immediately and it automatically syncs in the cloud.

Support for all your files and live streams

Ideal for large organisations, you can carry out high volume ingest from multiple sources across numerous concurrent feeds with Forscene’s Enterprise Ingest. These include live IP streams, SDI and files that can have multiple destination accounts.

Distribute HD and 4k resolution

Forscene’s Enterprise Ingest eliminates the need to upload high resolution source to the cloud, as the edge server can distribute EDLs at HD and 4K resolution. With real-time high volume ingest the cloud creates proxy versions of content.

Managing high volume ingest

Use Enterprise Ingest to upload mass volumes of video content to a Forscene account

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