Hi-res video distribution

Distribute hi-res video content from Forscene to a range of destinations with no restrictions. Forscene allows you to freely distribute content to most formats, moments after editing.
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“Using Forscene enables us to distribute hi-res video content quickly.”
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Freedom of choice

Forscene gives you freedom to distribute your video content to anywhere you want. Need an EDL to finish in another NLE? No problem. Distributing to social media? We’ve got you covered. Just need a simple MPEG? Easy.

Live feed distribution

One of the biggest advantages of the Forscene platform is the ability to distribute video from live feeds as the action is still happening. With no need to render video your content can be out in minutes, which puts you way ahead of the competition.

Re-distribution of content

We know that often you need to get content out to multiple platforms in order to satisfy audiences. With Forscene, you have the flexibility to distribute the same video to different sources, or make tweaks to a clip before sending to another platform.

Unlimited distribution

Export your video content as AAF, XML, to social media and CDNs, to the web, another NLE or almost any other format


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