Cloud video editing software

The Forscene Editor combines powerful features in a simple interface. Our cloud video editing software enhances professional workflows and transforms post-production efficiency.
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“Now I know what professional cloud video editing software looks like”
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An NLE in the cloud

Designed by editors to make production and post more efficient, Forscene is a feature-rich non-linear editor. From simple drag and drop functions to industry standard keyboard shortcuts, our video editing software is easy to learn and and fast to work.

Speed and quality

The Forscene Editor enables fast-turnaround of professional content, with frame accurate editing and no need for rendering. From simple rough cuts to full editing and distribution, it is a responsive and efficient platform for post-production.


Fits your workflow

Forscene Editor doesn’t have to replace your current workflow, but it will enhance how you do post-production. Integrate it with your existing processes and streamline efforts by moving your video editing and distribution to the cloud.


Cloud-based professional video editing software

Edit from anywhere, anytime, on any device

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