Closed Captioning in an NLE

With an integrated track on the timeline for creating and editing closed captions, Forscene is the editor of choice for many productions requiring closed captioning.
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“No other product makes closed captioning so seamless.”
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Edit live ingest feeds

Forscene has the ability to ingest closed captions from live television feeds and streams. Video with closed captions attached can also be imported, which can then be edited directly on the timeline.

Closed Captioning on the timeline

Forscene’s in-built Closed Captioning track means edits can be made or captions added and deleted just like a title. Cut, trim or re-write – whatever you need to do with closed captions, it can happen as part of the edit.

Distribute with closed captions

Whether video content is being exported to the web, to social media or as an EDL to be finished in another editing system, your closed captions remain part of the sequence’s metadata.

Closed Captions

Full CC support out of the box.

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