Our patented viewer is the only viewer that gives you the ability to get the essence of your video at a glance, while also allowing you to pinpoint any exact frame very quickly – and all in a web browser.

Your entire video at your fingertips

One of the key shortcomings of professional cloud video is the ability to view all content located anywhere. Forscene’s viewer only supports Blackbird codec which contains all the efficiencies of remote viewing performance without the overhead required by other viewers.

Meet Forscene’s Viewer

Our JavaScript viewer is a simple method of viewing proxy video. With familiar navigation controls and advanced viewing options, the Forscene viewer gives media visibility to anyone regardless of location even when the network bandwidth is reduced.

Beyond viewing clips, Forscene’s viewer has the unique capability to see complex edits even while they are in progress, without flattening the assets contained in a sequence. This includes multilayer video and multitrack audio, closed captioning, titles, alpha channel graphics and even colour modifications.

Video Waveform – Improving the way videos are edited

An enormous challenge to viewing timeline based video is finding just the right part of a shot to be included with an edit.

Most NLEs use simple bars or at best a couple of images to represent shots and sequences. This requires you to shuttle through all the media to see what it contains.

Forscene changed the paradigm by making every frame in every shot available as a thumbnail in its Blackbird viewing proxy.

Practical uses of the Video Waveform

For video sources, Forscene’s Video Waveform provides unparalleled efficient viewing allowing you to see camera changes over time and isolating various takes even before pressing the “play” button.

For edited sequences, easily view all the shot changes throughout the edit and trim with confidence knowing exactly what is included in your cut points right down to the frame.

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