A lot of research, effort, and knowledge are behind Forbidden’s technology. Our goal was to add powerful cloud capabilities to existing video workflows, and we’ve achieved our goal with Forscene.

Powerful technology behind video production

Forscene’s platform is a powerful combination of innovative solutions, cloud technologies, and exceptional engineering. Behind the platform are these core technologies which can be used to support multiple capabilities.

  • Patented loss free adaptive encoding data compression
  • Patented real time video codecs
  • Patented video Waveform navigation bar
  • Machine code mobile optimisations
  • Real time technology
  • Robust cloud infrastructure

The core Forscene’s capabilities

Live ingest

This is a live proxy-only capture, compression and upload tool. Proxy media upload can happen anywhere, any place, at any time, even in multiple locations. Forscene’s proxy, Blackbird, enables this capability.

Mobile support

With Mobile Upload solution, you can upload multiple files from a mobile device and send it instantly into the Forscene editor using smartphone or tablet’s camera.


Forscene enables live media to be ingested and transcoded in the Forscene cloud, arriving in the editor just a few seconds behind the live content. The transcode process rapidly converts your source media into Blackbird, Forscene’s performance codec.

Live Streaming sources

Streaming sources arrive in the cloud based on the same trio of processes that is applied for non streaming sources. The original source is, however, open ended. Supported formats include baseband SDI, HLS, Smoothstream from Microsoft, MXF and RTMP.

Real time player

Websites using the Blackbird Video Player can play an edited sequence from Forscene immediately, with no rendering or file transfer required.

Conform Sequences for Review and Approval

Sequences are instantly available for review and approval by anyone using the Forscene Review app. Instant collaboration allows feedback in realtime with comments and notes linking back to the Forscene timeline.


Forscene enables multi-platform social video distribution and publishing. Forscene publishes to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitch and creates a direct link and a speed to screen not available with traditional clipping workflows.


The final part of the process is the upload. Blackbird creates very small files as part of its IP stream, so uploading to the cloud requires very little bandwidth.

Integration with third party systems

Forscene supports the most popular formats, codecs and files used in production. The platform can also be integrated into all workflows and your own or a third party cloud (Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure).

Forscene's technology is here to make your work more profitable. Find out how it can help your company.