Publishing your videos takes time and the process is sometimes slow and complicated. With Forscene, it’s quick and effortless.

How can Forscene improve your publishing options?

Multiplatform publishing

Forscene is a leader when it comes to multi-platform social video distribution and publishing. It is easy to publish your videos to all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Broadcasting to your own website and apps and publishing content to multiple accounts is also an option


Forscene enables you to tag brands and pages in social media posts. It is an excellent way to increase reach and provoke audience engagement.

Browser Editing

Our professional video editing software enables live media to be ingested and transcoded in the Forscene cloud, arriving in the editor just a few seconds behind the live content. Once in Forscene, you can then take clips of the live media feed by simply marking in and out, and immediately publish them.

Why is Forscene so great?

Any media source in its original form or edits created in Forscene can be published. This includes rich composites with alpha channel support and multi track audio.

You can easily publish EDLs. These includes rich support for the most popular NLE’s. AAF and XML including support for logging metadata, double system conform, multicam, layers, audio levels and other features.

Forscene’s flagship live workflow includes an efficient consolidated conform against your high-bit-rate media which was registered as your source. This can be located on premise in your own storage or in a public cloud location such as AWS, Azure, or Brightcove. Your publish setup controls the quality and framerate.

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