Licensing Forscene

Would you like your software to be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes and tailored to your needs? By licensing Forscene you will have the impression that it was made just for you.

Flexible licensing models with amazing benefits. It’s that simple.

Many companies opt for licensing software they use because of the added benefits they receive. The foundation of the Forscene platform is a service that adds cloud based capabilities to a media infrastructure without needing to move or copy any high resolution content.

Our cloud based capabilities include remote access and viewing, speed, collaboration, and a range of browser based capabilities (logging, rough cuts, editing, captions, etc.) and scalability.

We license Forscene so that you can have these full capabilities exclusively within your own environment.


We understand that enterprise level integration with a cloud video service has a variety of regulations which may be governed by the specific requirements of your location or institution. For this reason we offer a self hosting option for our entire cloud deployment into your data centre. You will work with our engineering team to plan the best solution for your requirements.


Media hosting of Forscene is the ultimate hybrid solution as it gives you significant flexibility by utilizing your internal network and serving up the Forscene proxy from a centralized shared storage network. When members of your team require access to Forscene off-premise, the media will arrive from our data centres without disruption.


This solution is equivalent to the self hosted solution, with the only difference being is that you have chosen to have it hosted by your own third party cloud service provider such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

The benefits of licensing Forscene

Grow on your own terms

Forscene’s flexible licensing models give you the freedom of planned growth to build your proxy infrastructure without an upfront financial commitment. Whether you’re in the planning stages of a media supply chain or have a well developed cloud installation, licensing only “what is required” allows you to scale when the time is right. It gives YOU the freedom to decide what you want and when you want it on your own terms.

Choose where to host the platform

Many media companies want these capabilities within third party clouds (eg. AWS, Microsoft Azure), or within their own private cloud or data center. We are pleased to offer a variety of cloud licensing options and our solutions architects will work closely with your team to fully scope out your requirements and then ensure a smooth integration.

Personalise your requirements

Equally as important as a complete self hosting solution of the Forscene video cloud service, is the option to pick and choose the services that you require. A complete hosting package may not be essential. This may include licensing just the Blackbird codec that would integrate into your own services.

Talk to our solutions architect’s about the options available.