Fitting seamlessly into every aspect of your video production, supporting the most popular formats, codecs and files, the Forscene platform is truly a unique solution for your needs.

Forscene can be integrated into your workflow

All workflows include numerous enterprise level integrations such as transcoding, captioning or storage systems. Forscene supports these important connected devices into its proxy workflow as these enterprise level processes can occur before or after Forscene use.

They can also exist as on-premise, a cloud solution or a hybrid of both. Forscene continually develops standard as well as proprietary workflows for ingest and delivery to meet the strictest compliance specifications while maintaining the speed and accuracy expected by media professionals.

Here’s how Forscene can improve your production:

Forscene supports the most popular formats, codecs and files used in production.

This includes all spanning schemes and high-frame-rates. Video and multitrack audio with precise timecode support in all international frame rates ensure accuracy as this metadata will be passed through to your final conform. Growing MXF files are also supported for a truly efficient link into live broadcast workflows.


Logging, assembly and editorial are a prerequisite for all post-production workflows to provide an efficient delivery for the craft editor.

Forscene can deliver a rich edit structure that includes exact logging, edits, layers, dissolves, multicamera groups, markers, multiple audio tracks with level and pan characteristics just to name a few.

Delivery is available in Advanced Authoring Format, (AAF) for both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere or .XML for Final Cut X.

Public Cloud

Forscene embraces the efficiency and trust of public cloud solutions for a variety of services.

Our Proxy Ingest software is available in both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Additional storage and processing options are available in flexible packages in newer integrations such as Brightcove.

New AI (Artificial Intelligence) services will be available for a round-trip publish and delivery to bring speed and efficiency while removing many labour intensive tasks such as closed captioning and transcription creation.


Forscene supports growing file streams for live workflows from integrated baseband feeds such as SDI (serial digital interface) to IP streams such as HLS, RTMP, Smoothstream and Mpeg-TS.

The speed which Forscene can proxy against these streams is as quick as 15 seconds behind the original content.

Ingest Scripting

Half the battle with ingesting is keeping your media and folders organised. Typically, most editorial tools make this a time consuming and cumbersome job.

Forscene has a sophisticated scripting engine that automates the process on infinite levels of criteria to place media where it should go accurately.


All metadata existing within a file or stream is available to work with in Forscene, which ensures a true proxy workflow.

Additional metadata can be injected into Forscene clips which can be passed through as logging annotations, closed captioning or auxiliary data.

Captioning – Take 1

Forscene is proud to offer the Take 1 transcription service directly in the edit interface.

1 is a trusted provider of transcription, captioning and translation services to all the major production companies, The process is easy, publish your content to the Take1 button and your transcription results will be sent back to you at a specified time for import into Forscene, linking up to your original media.

Here’s how integrating Forscene can facilitate your publishing process

Social media

Forscene publishes to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitch and creates a direct link and most importantly, a speed to screen not available with traditional clipping workflows.

Control over quality as well as important fields, tags expected, menu and release options are accessed directly in Forscene’s publish interface so our single point of delivery gives you all the control and speed you need.

Finished Delivery Formats

Forscene can conform render sequences from high quality formats and images from the original sources. This is achieved by consolidating only the media required to deliver the final sequence no matter the complexity.

Resolution independent delivery with user defined technical specs such as interlace options, video and audio quality and framerate outputs are just a small sample of the significant control you have over final delivery.

Beyond images and sound, advanced metadata delivery with programmed .xml sidecar files are available and programmed for unique and required workflows.

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