Blackbird video codec

We have put our minds together to design a scalable and cost-effective solution. Our video codec enables post-production workflows in the cloud and perform video tasks that are impossible to achieve with common codecs on the internet.

We named the codec – Blackbird!

Blackbird is much more than a codec. Watch this video and find out why.

View Blackbird in action!

Stephen Streater explains how to improve workflow using our video codec

  1. With the help of our patented Video Waveform, you can find, access and edit content in your web browser faster than ever
  2. Multiple, concurrent streams can be combined in real time due to our efficient software decoding
  3. Internal frame structure. This allows immediate, frame accurate navigation around any points in a stream and frame accurate editing of clips even before the stream is uploaded
  4. The simultaneous creation of multiple proxy sizes accelerates the publishing of your content. This will include instant renderless “publishing”

The history of codec

This groundbreaking and original codec has been powering our technology since 2004.

Creation of codec

What makes Blackbird so unique? Watch here for the low-down.

Enabling standard

As an enabling standard, Forscene’s codec gives you freedom to create more with video.

”Blackbird is much more than a software frame accurate codec”


Our video codec enables post-production processes to happen in the cloud, in real time. It saves download and rendering time, with the quickest navigation in a web browser, even with slower connections.


As a software solution, it is easily upgraded, which means performance and quality are continually advanced as higher resolution videos are adopted as normal.


Forscene’s video codec was developed specifically for the proxy workflows for video services that are hosted in the cloud. The remarkable performance of Blackbird mirrors or surpasses the functionality of many editing codecs.

Our codec is truly remarkable, but don't take our word for it.