Forscene Applications are the product of our research and our wish to make your job easier. We’ve invested countless hours into identifying your video production challenges and implemented the solutions into our platform.

Covering Every Aspect of Your Work

Forscene applications are comprehensive, effective and easily accessible. As a part of our SaaS solution, along with the Blackbird Proxy, our applications let you ingest content, transform it and then publish it while you maintain full control over your original content. As a part of our licenced cloud, you get to grow on your own terms, choose where to host the platform and personalise it to fit your needs.

Here’s how Forscene Applications improve your work


Ingest applications

The Forscene platform is truly unique in the way it handles available ingestion options.

Proxy media upload can happen anywhere, even in multiple locations. Forscene’s proxy, Blackbird, makes this happen as it requires minimal bandwidth. Your media will be uploaded seconds after it is scanned – logging, editing and reviewing of uploaded material can start as soon as the upload process begins.

Edge Servers

An Ingest Server ingests source video and uploads proxy to the cloud. It can also render video during publishing, and act as a proxy server.

Mac Ingest Server

A software-only version of the Edge Server which runs on a Laptop or Desktop Apple Mac.

Upload Apps

Forscene Upload Apps enable existing broadcasting, sporting and TV production clients of Forscene to easily ingest media from iOS and Android devices. You can shoot high resolution videos for upload or select multiple files from your camera roll. The [Android] app works in background mode which makes it easy to upload a lot of media without having to keep the app open.

Live mobile

A live proxy-only capture, compression and upload tool which runs on Android and iOS.

Web upload

A simple way to upload occasional hi-res videos, graphics and audio files to the cloud with simple drag and drop.


Video modification applications

Forscene provides many ways to modify your content. Here are all of them with the benefits they offer.


Our integrated cloud logging tool for efficient post-production workflows will allow you to label your video footage in a way that achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.


Our frame accurate JavaScript clipping tool will allow you to clip your videos with precision.


The world’s most sophisticated cloud-native professional NLE, designed to displace standard NLEs is perfect to handle simple editing tasks which need high volume and/or fast turnaround, or to integrate with high end editing tools.


Added cloud capabilities make your captioning process simpler.


Viewing applications

Forscene’s viewing options enable you to easily access, view and handle your content the way you want to.

Review and comment

The Review app allows you to instantly view and comment against sequences created in Forscene. Text comments are instantly available on the timeline. This allows efficient and fast collaboration.

Video Player

Our JavaScript viewer allows easy access to content on the Forscene platform for viewing.


Publishing applications

Forscene has a unique ability to distribute content through a variety of publishing portals in an assortment of compliant formats. These include social media, file formats for download and third party systems. This gives you endless choices based on your ever changing distribution requirements.

Social Media

You can publish to a growing list of social media sites. We currently support YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

Third party systems

Forscene can output metadata to popular editing systems, and video of any resolution to third party content management systems or other destinations.

File formats

We support publishing in a variety of file formats including MPEG, H.264, DNxHD and many more.

What’s in it for me?

We’re glad you asked. Forscene is easy to learn and easy to use, so training is quick and easy. Forscene’s applications are accessible anytime, anywhere and via any computer with an Internet connection. This puts the user in charge of where and when they access the application.

By working in the cloud, Forscene saves time and money and gives you the benefits of cloud efficiencies and scale. Forscene Applications save up to 60% of post-production time. This not only saves money but gives you the time to focus on producing better content.

Using Forscene will help you achieve more with less time. But, don't take our word for it.