Forscene is a groundbreaking cloud-based video platform designed to facilitate your workflow. We offer flexible video ingest options, sophisticated post-production features, and a wide range of publishing features.

Accelerating your speed to market

We have created a professional SaaS video solution which supports a range of capabilities and make your work easier. The technology we use is patented. Applications are numerous. Security is unparalleled. The pricing model is flexible. Visibility and value of your content are maximised.

Forscene uses a dozen or so key technologies, which support a range of capabilities. These are combined to create products which then drive workflows.

Our patented technologies include

  • the Blackbird video codec which enables you to edit your video online
  • the Video Waveform navigation bar, designed to simplify navigation around a video
  • the Transition Table loss-free compression, designed to intelligently and efficiently compress any data.

Forscene Platform

Enables post-production workflows in the cloud and allows video tasks that are impossible to achieve with common codecs on the internet. Read more

A lot of research, effort, and knowledge are behind Forbidden’s Technology. Our goal was to add powerful cloud capabilities to existing video workflows, and we’ve achieved our goal with Forscene. Read more

Our patented viewer is the only viewer that gives you the ability to get the essence of your video at a glance – and all in a web browser. Read more

Forscene applications are the product of our research and our wish to make your job easier. We’ve invested countless hours into identifying your video production challenges and implemented the solutions into our platform. Read more

Publishing your videos takes time and the process is sometimes slow and complicated. With Forscene, it’s quick and effortless. Read more

Fitting seamlessly into every aspect of your video production, supporting the most popular formats, codecs and files, the Forscene platform is truly a unique solution for your needs. Read more

Would you like your software to be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes and tailored to your needs? By licensing Forscene you will have the impression that it was made just for you. Read more

The primary way to use Forscene is as a SaaS service. With a streamlined, easy-to-use interface, Forscene is designed both as a quick startup for those new to video production or for seasoned professionals who rely on advanced features.

Is Forscene difficult to use?

The Forscene software does not need to be installed on your computer.

This gives you the freedom to run multiple instances of Forscene worry free on a variety of computers without installation concerns. All that is required is a network connection with “coffee shop” bandwidth for brilliant performance.

This provides a scalable solution that can be used for just a single event or your entire video production. Some clients do choose to licence our solution and offer its capabilities through their own data center, or third party cloud.

Forscene’s tool sets are available to run efficiently on off-the-shelf computers. This includes desktops, laptops tablets and mobiles, and can easily be accessed through Java and JavaScript on OSX, Windows and natively on IOS and Android.


The Forscene platform is based on a highly reliable and secure infrastructure. We are proud to say that since we launched Forscene in 2004, we haven’t had any data losses or security breaches.


You don’t have to worry if your needs increase. As an efficient cloud platform, Forscene can be scaled to meet any needs and requirements of our clients.

Pricing model

Forscene’s flexible pricing model follows your needs and your actual usage. Clients pricing ranges from pay-as-you-go, to per production buyouts, to one off capital costs for the largest clients.

Would you like to find out how Forscene can help your business?