Interactive Blackbird desktop experience

Are you ready to do more than just stream?

Interact with the BlackBird viewer using these familiar on buttons on the interface. Feel free to try this with slow WiFi.

If you want to look super impressive in front of your colleagues use a keyboard!

Play in reverse

  • Pess J
  • Press J again to play 2x reverse speed
  • Press J a 3rd time to play 4x reverse speed


  • Pause using the K key
  • Now grab your colleagues to show them the Blackbird viewer


  • To play, click on the lovely image or press your spacebar or press the L key
  • Press L again to play 2x speed
  • Press L a 3rd time to play 4x speed

Do you have a mouse?

Hover over the video waveform and use the roller wheel to zoom in or out.

Left arrow

Use left arrow to move frame backward – keep pressing to play backward at normal speed.

Up arrow

Use up arrow to zoom in the video Waveform.

Down Arrow

Use down arrow to zoom out of the video Waveform.

Right Arrow

Use right arrow to move frame forward – keep pressing to play forward at normal speed.

Do you have any questions?