The Forscene Edgeserver is a professional two-way video transcoding engine for generating lightweight Blackbird video editing proxies. The Blackbird proxy is made for editing and provides frame accurate navigation with jog, shuttle at any playback speed and direction. It also plays media and edits completely render free. The Blackbird proxy includes our patented video navigation waveform that speeds up any video professionals daily workflow.

– Create Blackbird proxies
– Record HLS live streams for editing
– Create watch folders for automated media ingest
– Render and publish full resolution media
– Multi destination render workflows
– FTP delivery of media
– Custom social network sharing and distribution

How To Buy

How to buy

You can set up a Forscene Edge right now by visiting the Azure or AWS Marketplace. You will need an Edge Server ID to initialize and link the server to your Forscene Editor account.

AWS Marketplace

Buy on AWS Marketplace

Azure Marketplace


Buy on Azure Marketplace
Easy Setup

Setting up the Forscene Blackbird Proxy Software on the Amazon Marketplace is simple just follow these instructions:

1. Give your instance a name and optionally set up IP addresses for remote access

2. Choose the EC2 instance size to match services required.
– c4.xlarge (1 services)
– c4.2xlarge (2 services)
– c4.4xlarge (4 services

3. Enter your server license login details (contact if you are a new user)

4. To manage services on your edge instance login at and follow these steps.
– Click edge servers
– Click services
– Add new service (such as HLS live feed record or watch folder)

Contact support on to initialize your instance using terminal.