• Forscene & Deltatre : a thriving digital partnership

    Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT) is pleased to announce that it has signed an extendable two year contract with Deltatre for one of its clients. This contract is worth in excess of £100,000 spread over a two year period. Deltatre, a leading supplier of digital and broadcast services in the…

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  • How to get longevity out of your sports fan engagement

    A sports fan is defined as “an enthusiast for a sports team, an athlete, sports organisation or specific sport”. Some sports fans remain loyal for life, sticking by their favourites through every win, defeat and triumph. Yet the new digital era has agitated sports fan loyalty. As fans and athletes…

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  • behind-the-scenes

    Behind-the-scenes content: the key to true fan engagement

    There’s no doubt about it. Almost 90% of audiences find that behind-the-scenes content keeps them hooked on their favourite films, TV shows and stars. It’s the peak of fan engagement and the ultimate way to keep audiences wanting more. Behind-the-scenes content isn’t exactly a new concept – TV shows and…

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  • 7 ways to increase sports fan engagement online

    Sports fans are a passionate bunch. They plan social events around fixtures, flock to stadiums wearing their team colours and shout themselves hoarse whether they’re sitting in the front row or on the couch. They’re just as fervent online – two of 2016’s top stories on twitter were sport topics…

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  • Super Bowl 51 drives fan engagement through the roof

    American Football’s super bowl is the pinnacle of the sporting calendar, where the season’s two greatest teams compete for the coveted super bowl champions’ title. And Super Bowl 51, played in Houston, Texas, was an intense and engrossing game like no other – or so I’m told, as I didn’t…

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  • Enhance your sports edit workflow with this easy solution

    The world is moving forward and faster than ever! With the speed of content delivery following suit. Consumers have limitless choice when choosing who to view there sports from. The race for releasing content at fast speed with great quality is on. The companies who are willing to learn and…

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  • The rise of the second screen in sports content consumption

    The landscape of television has changed completely. Sport is really the only thing that we still watch live, with just about everything else being available on demand on your TV, smartphone or tablet. And now there’s a new phenomenon: even when people are in front of the television they are…

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  • Live event specialists pick Forscene for fast highlight edits

    Forscene, has been chosen by Australian streaming video producers, Corrivium, for fast turnaround editing and collaboration on live online events.  The contract was facilitated and will be supported by Digistor, Forscene’s recently-appointed service provider to the Australian and New Zealand markets.     Corrivium Media provides bespoke broadcasting and communication solutions…

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  • Increase engagement with fast turnaround of live content

    In today’s digital world, we expect to be able to relive the best moments at the touch of a button. From attending a gig, to seeing our favourite sports team win, many of us like to revisit these experiences, share with our friends and get involved with online commentary. Which…

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  • Increase revenue with integrated cloud technology

    For generations, sports fans have enjoyed watching classic games and matches from season’s past. Reliving these old sequences will always be a pleasure for lifelong followers of football, golf, boxing and many more. Viewers of other TV genres will also have their own greatest moments of televised history. Users watch…

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