• keyboard expansions

    Keyboard expansions – speed up logging in Forscene

    This video shows how to create keyboard expansions in Forscene – from setting function keys to automatically type words, to programming abbreviations to automatically expand to words. Transcription of the video Keyboard expansions are a great tool for speeding up your logging in Forscene. Keyboard expansions can be found by…

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  • media logging

    Media logging – How to log media with Forscene

    This video takes you through the process of media logging in your Forscene account using just your keyboard. It also takes you through how to edit and delete logs and how Forscene handles slow or broken Internet connections. Transcription of the video The preparing to log video has shown you…

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  • work with logged media

    How to work with logged media

    This video shows how to work with logged media – from navigating to specific time codes to organising your logs according to metadata. It will also demonstrate how to export and print your logs and how to add logs to your sequence. Transcription of the video As we demonstrated in…

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  • log multicam media

    How to log multicam media

    Log multicam media, see how to set up and use the basic functions of a multicam edit in Forscene, and learn how logging media differs with multiple clips. Transcription of the video: You should be familiar with the play window and logging in Forscene before attempting multi-cam logging. Watch the…

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