• 3 Post-Event Tactics to Wow Music Fans

    You’ve put on a great, sold-out music gig to thousands of excited fans. The music has finished, the band is packing up… is the excitement is really over? It doesn’t have to be! Here are three post-event strategies to keep you’re fans hyped for more. Behind-the-scenes video  Fans go absolutely…

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  • live events

    Are you engaging with your fans for your live events?

    If you’re an organiser of live events you might put fan engagement low on your priority list, believing that it will happen naturally. And to some extent it does. However, the rise of social media has accelerated how fans interact with one another, as well as with brands and organisations.…

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  • How to captivate your music fans with social media

    If you’re running a record label, PR company or events venue, social media should be top in your strategy plan for interacting with fans. With social media, you’re connecting with consumers – whether it’s announcing a next album release, or publishing listings of gig dates. It’s an essential tactic for…

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  • Live event specialists pick Forscene for fast highlight edits

    Forscene, has been chosen by Australian streaming video producers, Corrivium, for fast turnaround editing and collaboration on live online events.  The contract was facilitated and will be supported by Digistor, Forscene’s recently-appointed service provider to the Australian and New Zealand markets.     Corrivium Media provides bespoke broadcasting and communication solutions…

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  • Increase engagement with fast turnaround of live content

    In today’s digital world, we expect to be able to relive the best moments at the touch of a button. From attending a gig, to seeing our favourite sports team win, many of us like to revisit these experiences, share with our friends and get involved with online commentary. Which…

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