• button names

    Button names and tooltips

    This video will demonstrate how simple Forscene’s editing interface is to use, with button names and tooltips to guide you. Transcription of the video Like any software, the Forscene interface includes a variety of buttons. To find out what any of the buttons are, simply place your mouse over the…

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  • drag and drop

    Drag and Drop with Forscene – easy to use video editor

    This video demonstrates Forscene’s simple drag and drop functionality – dragging from the file window to the play window, dropping clips onto your timeline and dragging time codes from the logging window. Transcription of the video Drag and drop can be used to organise your Forscene workspace. You can relocate…

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  • keyboard shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts

    This video shows you how to use keyboard shortcuts in Forscene – from using the preset keysets, to customising and setting your own. Transcription of the video Right clicking on the shortcuts button opens the keyboard shortcuts window, which lists the preset keyboard shortcuts and allows you to customise and…

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  • left and right click

    Left and right click

    This video demonstrates the use of left and right click, left mouse clicking, for standard action within Forscene, and right mouse clicking for the opposite or advanced functionality Transcription for the video: Forscene has been designed to provide all the tools you need from a simple interface. This meant doing…

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  • chat window

    Chat window – user support

    This video shows you how to use the chat window in Forscene – from typing new comments, to editing and even deleting posts. Transcription of the video Open the chat window by clicking the chat button on the left-hand side of the interface. Your chat window has three tabs. One…

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