• Jo Woolf delivering essential training for Edit Producers with Forscene

     Award-winning TV professional Jo Woolf runs courses in edit producing for several organisations, including DV Talent, Indie Training Fund, the Channel 4 Production Trainee Scheme, and Birkbeck University. Jo’s one-day courses are an introduction to the sought-after role of Edit Producer. As an increasingly conventional role in factual television, the…

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  • Forscene & Mama Youth Project

    Entering the media industry is tough. Having a degree doesn’t cut it anymore, you need experience. To gain the opportunity you need to have access to the right circles and to be trusted by the right people. In an industry where diverse groups are poorly represented, this can make being…

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  • Use cases

    Should video professionals give up on CPD training?

    Earlier this year we carried out a survey of video production professionals on “All About Time” to see what issues those working in the industry are facing when it comes to time to complete projects, time to learn new technology and working overtime. We’ve already released a couple of blogs…

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  • Atos and Forscene create new opportunity for media work experience in South Africa

    Forbidden Technologies has been commissioned by Atos Origin South Africa (Pty) Ltd. to provide a media work experience project aimed at addressing the demand for video editing staff from the South African public broadcast sector. The project is an extension of an existing contract where the cloud video platform, Forscene,…

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  • Is Cloud-Based Editing Software the Future of Post Production Education?

    I’m Nigel and I’m a post production education student. I’m constantly bombarded with new technology and told to learn dozens of new workflows. This is normal for many students, but the growth of tech in the post-production industry is on another level. I’ve found myself asking: will it still be…

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