• What happens when you show Forscene to editors for the first time?

    Meet us at BVE Forscene is traditionally known as a logging and review tool, enabling productions to save money by reducing the time taken in post-production. More recently though, we have expanded our professional video software to be an editor too, and it has been used by edit-producers and edit-directors…

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  • Collaboredit: Forscene at BVE Expo 2016

    Book a meeting with us at BVE I decided to start this blog post with a video, because it sums up what we’re presenting at this year’s BVE Expo. Taking place at the Excel Centre in London from 23-25 February, BVE brings together video production professionals and companies from around the…

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  • Sequence – How to build a basic video editing sequence

    This video gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create a basic sequence in Forscene – from marking your source and dragging clips into your sequence, to some basic editing functions on the timeline. Transcription of the video Once you have loaded media in the play window you can…

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  • How to work with sync in Forscene

    This video shows you how to use the sync display button to view synced clips and how to un-sync video and audio tracks – a warning though, as you can still sync lock tracks even if the video and audio are not in sync.

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  • Trimming video and audio

    Trimming video and audio has never been easier. Learn how to trim video and audio quickly and easily in Forscene using the various trim tools. You’ll see how you can trim synced clips as well as independent tracks directly on the timeline and how to use the trim monitor to…

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  • sequence markers

    How to create source & sequence markers

    This video shows you how to use source and sequence markers in Forscene – including working with footage that has been recorded with Sony XMPilot Essence Markers. Transcription of the video To view source markers they need to be activated on the account – chat to your Account Manager for…

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  • How to adjust audio levels

    Find out how to use the audio sub-tracks for adjusting audio levels and stereo panning for a clip.

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  • save and recover edits

    Save and recover edits

    See how to save and recover edits in Forscene – this video takes you through the different saving processes, from entire sequences to individual tracks and segments of clips. Transcription of the video The first step to saving your sequence is to name it. A new sequence will reflect as…

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