• rdf television long-term reality film

    Cost effective storage and editing for long-term film projects

    RDF Television uses Forscene for convenient storage, remote access and editing of its media throughout long-term reality film projects. The company produces over 100 hours of network factual television every year for principal broadcasters, filming contributors from all across the country. Unnecessary investment RDF needed a solution to support a…

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  • Are online video platforms replacing live broadcast TV?

    A recent Think with Google trend shows that 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV. Does this mean broadcast television is on the way out? Will all programmes be formatted for pure online viewing in the future? Will the rest of the BBC channels become…

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  • The Undateables

    Forscene and The Undateables – a perfect match

    Betty is a London-based TV production company that produces a number of prime-time, factual television programmes including “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”, “Bear Grylls: Mission Survive”, “Tricks of the Restaurant Trade” and “The Undateables.” Forscene has been an integral part of betty’s post-production workflow for the last five series of Channel 4’s,…

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  • 5 Lessons in social media from the world’s top broadcasters

    Broadcasters in Latin America are facing a fight for their audience. Public, state and pay TV broadcasters (that historically only competed with each other) are now battling stiff competition from OTT and subscription-based video-on-demand services – which are predicted to experience massive growth over the next 4-5 years.     And…

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  • Forscene introduces new tool designed to increase broadcast audience engagement

    Broadcasters and programme-makers can now easily incorporate user generated content into their edits and on social media with a new software development kit available on the Forscene cloud video platform. Dubbed Camera SDK, the tool is being used for the first time by Licklemor Productions to increase audience engagement on…

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  • Atos and Forscene create new opportunity for media work experience in South Africa

    Forbidden Technologies has been commissioned by Atos Origin South Africa (Pty) Ltd. to provide a media work experience project aimed at addressing the demand for video editing staff from the South African public broadcast sector. The project is an extension of an existing contract where the cloud video platform, Forscene,…

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  • IGS and Forscene to support Latin America broadcasters in growing OTT sector

    Forbidden Technologies plc, developers of cloud video platform, Forscene today announced a new partnership with software engineering and media services company, Intec Global Solutions.  The Argentina-based company is the first Forscene service provider in the Latin America TV market.     Intec Global Solutions offers development and integration of video platforms…

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  • Farsi Gogglebox meets tight deadlines with Forscene

    Forscene’s workflow solved the biggest challenge for the Farsi Gogglebox: a fast turnaround on hours and hours of content. Marjan TV Network’s Operations Director shares how reality show Googlebox is produced with a cloud-based post-production solution: “Forscene allows us to start editing immediately after the shoot, enables 24-hour post-production with…

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  • Has Selfie TV changed the broadcast industry forever?

    Selfie TV is the brand new term being used to describe talent show formats that popularise “normal” people. It’s the culture of celebrity for celebrity sake, and it’s more popular than ever before. Why are we obsessed with watching selfie TV? We have an inbuilt appetite for people-watching, hence the resurgence…

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  • Shine TV chooses Forscene for “Hunted”

    Popular factual television producers, Shine TV chose professional post-production software, Forscene for logging and edit preparation on the second series of “Hunted” for Channel 4. Forscene was used by a team of 18 loggers and eight editorial staff to log, search and review the 17 000 hours of media recorded…

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