• Forscene at IBC

    Forscene at IBC 2017 – here’s what’s in store

    Anticipation for IBC 2017 is heating up and #TeamForscene is already revving the engine. Sparks have been flying in the Forscene lab over the last few months and we just can’t wait to unveil the results! Technology licensing For the first time, Forscene technology can be licensed to transform video…

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  • Forbidden's Vision the Why

    Forbidden’s Vision: the Why

    Why Forbidden? People often ask me this. They are asking about the name, of course, but the bigger question is about the company itself. This is important because Forbidden is a visionary company. I set up Forbidden to make something special: a universally accessible internet video experience through powerful but…

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  • 3 Post-Event Tactics to Wow Music Fans

    You’ve put on a great, sold-out music gig to thousands of excited fans. The music has finished, the band is packing up… is the excitement is really over? It doesn’t have to be! Here are three post-event strategies to keep you’re fans hyped for more. Behind-the-scenes video  Fans go absolutely…

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  • Jo Woolf delivering essential training for Edit Producers with Forscene

     Award-winning TV professional Jo Woolf runs courses in edit producing for several organisations, including DV Talent, Indie Training Fund, the Channel 4 Production Trainee Scheme, and Birkbeck University. Jo’s one-day courses are an introduction to the sought-after role of Edit Producer. As an increasingly conventional role in factual television, the…

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  • rdf television long-term reality film

    Cost effective storage and editing for long-term film projects

    RDF Television uses Forscene for convenient storage, remote access and editing of its media throughout long-term reality film projects. The company produces over 100 hours of network factual television every year for principal broadcasters, filming contributors from all across the country. Unnecessary investment RDF needed a solution to support a…

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  • How to get longevity out of your sports fan engagement

    A sports fan is defined as “an enthusiast for a sports team, an athlete, sports organisation or specific sport”. Some sports fans remain loyal for life, sticking by their favourites through every win, defeat and triumph. Yet the new digital era has agitated sports fan loyalty. As fans and athletes…

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  • Integration of Take 1 Transcription is now live in Forscene!

    Forbidden and Take 1 Partner to Integrate Transcription Capabilities With Forscene LONDON — April 18, 2017 — Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT), the AIM-quoted owner and developer of the market-leading cloud video platform Forscene, and U.K.-based Take 1, provider of transcription, captioning, and translation services, have confirmed today that the…

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  • live events

    Are you engaging with your fans for your live events?

    If you’re an organiser of live events you might put fan engagement low on your priority list, believing that it will happen naturally. And to some extent it does. However, the rise of social media has accelerated how fans interact with one another, as well as with brands and organisations.…

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  • How to captivate your music fans with social media

    If you’re running a record label, PR company or events venue, social media should be top in your strategy plan for interacting with fans. With social media, you’re connecting with consumers – whether it’s announcing a next album release, or publishing listings of gig dates. It’s an essential tactic for…

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  • Are online video platforms replacing live broadcast TV?

    A recent Think with Google trend shows that 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV. Does this mean broadcast television is on the way out? Will all programmes be formatted for pure online viewing in the future? Will the rest of the BBC channels become…

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