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Forscene from Forbidden is professional video editing software for collaborative productions and remote workflows.  Save time and money and increase creativity. Forscene is the world’s most advanced cloud-based video post-production platform and the solution of choice for professional video makers in broadcast, sport, news, corporate and education industry across the globe.

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The post production process requires a solution that enables you to deliver professional video footage from any location in the world. Forscene’s intuitive platform provides the widest range of features and services of any cloud-based post production tool. Enabling all users to work faster, smarter, collaborate more and surprise audiences with more creative content.

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Use cases

  • Broadcast

    Professional broadcast video editing software – easy to learn with advanced functionality.  Integrates with leading technologies for efficient workflows. Forscene is the solution of choice when it comes to logging, search, review and sync pulls for broadcast programming. Integrating with media storage systems and leading non-linear editing systems (NLEs), Forscene allows you to seamlessly move between the cloud and your finishing facility.

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  • Corporate

    Professional corporate video editing software – provides a complete post and publishing solution or integrates with leading industry technologies.  A growing number of organisations are looking to share information across their companies by producing and distributing near live videos. Forscene’s remote workflows and ability to work with live feeds provides the perfect solution to this corporate need.

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  • Education

    Professional video editing software for education, providing students and lecturers any-time, anywhere access to industry tools at an affordable cost. Students are the future of the media and online video industry. So it is crucial for educational institutions to be able to train them on online video editing softwares that they will use in the workplace. With Forscene students can be prepared for the world of work without being limited by access or price tags.

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  • News

    Professional News video editing software enables collaboration and sharing of media between the newsroom and journalists in the field.

    Journalists are being asked increasingly to shoot professional video footage to follow the report.

    News stories break anytime and often in remote locations, leaving journalists with limited resources to effectively share their stories. Forscene allows them to log, edit and share material with the newsroom from anywhere.

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  • Sport

    Professional sports video editing software enables remote video post-production.  Ideal for live event highlights packages and sharing clips online.  In this fast paced arena, editors need to be close to the action, even when they aren’t at the event. Forscene integrates seamlessly with sport workflows worldwide, so you can share crucial on-field moments as they happen.

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